What we do

Mobile Software Development

We excel at single codebase, multi-platform mobile app development for iOS, Android and Windows Mobile. We use AngularJS, Phonegap, JQuery, Bootstrap, HTML5.

Enterprise CMS development

Our biggest CMS development project involves a web-based application designed to service any business that wants to put out a print catalog for its products. Includes a master product database, inventory loading capabilities, custom field definition, and supports multiple publications. We use core Java, J2EE, Spring and AngularJS on this sprawling and complicated project.

Software development for Leap Motion controller

We have several completed projects for trade show presentations using the Leap Motion controller using the cross-platform game creation system Unity.

Offshore outsourcing

As software development professionals that accrued the majority of their work experience in the U.S. we have a perfect linguistic link to our clients, and an even better connection: a cultural one. We understand and value the ideals that make business thrive out West, and increasingly, all over the world.
Who we are
We get technology. DConsult was founded by tech industry people and we know our way around state of the art development platforms, cutting edge UX designs and the latest testing tools.
We are focused on digital solutions that address the challenges and opportunities for customer experience, acquisition and retention.
We aim at being flexible and responsive. We follow the rules of agile development and excel at adaptive planning, continuous improvement and timely response to change.
bul. "Hristo Botev" 28-A Sofia 1000